Pet Sitting Dundee

Pet Sitting Services Dundee

Pets are our companions, friends, and great company to some daily activities of the pet owners, even keeping security to our homes. Some pets include cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, and so on. To outline the few importance of pets, let me go down to pets like dogs, basically, some dogs act as security, some can help in babysitting and many others. Thus with the few pet’s importance, I have listed above, then you can then be assured that the pet owners value their pets as they do to other family members.

But what happens when the family members want to go out for a weekend or have long business trips or days when work calls or even getaway for a holiday? This is where tigerlilly pet services come in. You do not have to worry since they will take care of your pet nicely and with a lot of attention.

Tigerlily Pet Services.

Tigerlily pet services is a website which got built by the team at Euphoria Web Design,  you can visit the website to see how the website looks appealing and informative.

However, Tigerlily pet services is a website where pet owners can contact to get pet sitting services. The site is purely reliable, trustworthy, and friendly; and fully secured. The site surrounds itself with a photo gallery and services of the lovely pets which they take on.

Ideally, the site belongs to Brian and Louise,  both of them are pet owners. Therefore you needn’t worry since they understand how you value and how vital your pet means to you. As pet owners, they will help you to take care of the pet during those times you have other commitments, and you can’t manage to take your pet with you

Services Offered By Tigerlily Pet Services

We provide our services and care in your own home; this means that your pet doesn’t need to change their natural environment. Here are the services we offer:


We care for your puppies and dog at your own home; this means we feed your dog and also give them toilet breaks. We provide dogs with a break of twenty minutes after every activity. Our time of visit may be negotiable.


We care for your cat by feeding it, playtimes, and cleaning the litter trays. However, visits are usually twenty minutes; more extended periods are negotiable.


We offer visits to other family pets such as freshwater fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, parrots, and other birds.


Euphoria Web Design makes the website building, which is navigable and more responsive. For more views on their services, you can check their gallery from the website. Happy reading!

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