6 Must Have Elements for your Website – Our Guide

6 Must Have Elements for your Website – Our Guide

Everyone knows that website design plays a major role in your business success. There are new elements and styles in web design that emerge every year. Some elements can help express your brand’s personality while others can enhance the way content looks on a certain device.

Although you don’t have to incorporate every single trend into your website, many elements still have such a great potential to enhance the user experience. That being said, there is a wide range of options available, which makes it difficult for you to choose the ones that are actually worthwhile. To help you choose the best elements to use for your website, here are some of the most modern elements that you can use to boost your website’s performance:

Distinctive Typography

Companies that have a specific font or typography are more likely to be recognized by their customers. That is because customers associate the brand with their typography, making it easier for them to identify the brand as opposed to their competitors. Today, there is a wide selection of fonts that you can choose from. By using the typography that expresses your brand well, it will be easier for customers to identify your brand.

Videos in the Background

Videos are one of the best ways to tell a story and get a message across. You can make a page more interesting just by adding videos that automatically play in the background to your website. Videos are also a great way to reduce the amount of other content, specifically written content.

Flat or Semi-Flat Design

Flat design simply refers to any element that does not include or provide the perception of three dimensions. Due to its simplicity, this type of design can reduce your website’s load time, which improves the user experience in general.

By shifting to flat design, your website will appear sleek, modern, and clean, making it easier for your customers to view the content. While many companies are starting to use flat design, there are also many who go for a semi-flat design, which is essentially a flat design, but with certain elements such as dimensions and subtle shadows.

Hamburger Menus

Most websites have a long menu of options for users to choose from. The good thing about this is that the menu can bring the user directly to where they want to go. However, the downside is that they usually take up much of screen space. One solution to this problem is to go for the hidden or hamburger menu instead. A hamburger menu can be found in Google Chrome on the right-hand side.

Large Product Images

Many B2B websites are beginning to show giant product images on their websites to emphasize important features of their product. This is a trend that will stay for quite some time and one that you might want to consider.

Card Design

Due to the growing popularity of Pinterest, more and more web designers are starting to go for a card design. Individual cards allow visitors to take in pieces of information without feeling too overwhelmed.

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